A Well-Rounded School Board
“I will bring an important perspective, that of a K-12 Rocklin graduate and as an elementary school parent. In the coming 2022-2023 school year, I will have three daughters in three *different* elementary schools. The board does not have a voice for elementary students, and it shows. We as a district need to prioritize our elementary facilities and programming so all of our young learners can experiment with hands-on STEM, become proficient with technology, and be exposed to the arts. I understand the value of a Rocklin education, and I am also well aware of areas in need of improvement. My investment in the community will shine through in all of my efforts as a board member.”

Fiscal Responsibility

“We are facing budget challenges that will continue for years to come. I pledge to use research and collaboration to ensure that our district remains solvent while continuing to provide the standard of education and campus safety that Rocklin residents expect. One major area in need of attention is Special Education. I will be a tireless advocate for the use of best practices in special education to help protect students, ensure appropriate services, and minimize unnecessary costs to the district.”

Quality Education for All Learners

“It is important that we provide all of our students with the tools for success; not all students learn the same way. As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I have worked with hundreds of children and their families, both in their homes and in the classroom. This experience has provided me with a wealth of knowledge of what students need to learn and thrive. As a regular participant in district parent committees such as LCAP, E&I, and Representation in Text, I am up to date on what parents prioritize most in their children’s education.”

A Community-Centered Approach
“As a school board member, I promise to communicate regularly with city leadership, business owners, teachers, and residents. We cannot be successful in achieving our common goals unless we work together. We need to come together to ensure that Rocklin remains an excellent place to live for years to come.” I have shown an ability and willingness to collaborate in my roles as City of Rocklin Community Recognition Commission Chair, Placer County Library Advisory Board member, and Parker Whitney PTC President. Over my years of community involvement, I have earned a reputation for respectful and thoughtful dialogue.