Michelle Sutherland

For Rocklin School Board 2022.

I am proud to be a Rocklin native and a product of Rocklin public schools, from kindergarten through graduation from Rocklin High. I was part of the class of 2002 (“2002, better than you!”). My gratitude goes out to my teachers who were always ready to go the extra mile to help provide support on academics or perspective on day-to-day topics. My education in Rocklin helped to shape who I am today, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Rocklin’s Students are Our Future


As a School Board Trustee, I promise to listen to your concerns and take those concerns as seriously as if they were my own. Open lines of communication and transparency in decision-making are important elements of leadership. It is critical that community members receive information from the District in a time-sensitive, relevant, and accessible manner. This will help to build accountability and earn trust, repairing relationships between the district and Rocklin parents, teachers, and city government.  

I will take action to ensure that the Rocklin Unified School District is prioritizing students and addressing the community’s needs without fail. I began working at age 15, and haven’t slowed down since! I thrive on being productive: Working efficiently and solving problems gives me a sense of purpose. I do not believe that acknowledging concerns is enough: I will seek information, research solutions, and develop creative strategies to tackle areas of need. For even the most challenging of issues, we can always be making progress in the right direction. 


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“I am not a one-issue candidate. My children will be attending school in RUSD over the next 15 years, so I am constantly considering the big picture: How will changes made today impact the district for years to come?”


Michelle Sutherland